Cosmopolitan horoscope january 9 2020

The Earth sign crew Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo all get on well with each other. They're on each other's wavelength and share similar priorities and values - to a degree, anyway.

There's a pragmatic, materialistic, hard-headedness to them. This Earthy vibe works romantically, professionally and on a friendship level.

Sun enters Sagittarius

It's one big, weird love-in. They can all judge, pressurise and critique each other to the ends of the earth. And the other signs just have to leave them to it, because it's just something the Earth crew do! The hot tip for hot sex for Capricorns is to find a Cancerian lover.

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This astrological combination creates sparks from the opposites attract energy around it. Capricorn is all strong and protective, and Cancer loves to be loved and cared for, illiciting sympathy and protection which Capricorn will provide. In return, Capricorns value loyalty above all, and Cancers will deliver that in spades.

There's an old-fashioned feel to this pairing, but it endures.

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Capricorn 's are the most sincere people you will ever meet. Until you make us mad that is. Geminis will infuriate them with their fickle and nonsensical ideas and schemes. All in all, sometimes, Capricorns actually just like to be left the hell alone. But we love them too much to do that.

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Today's Top Stories. People's Choice Awards best red carpet looks. Why Harry, William, Meghan and Kate sat separately. Caitlyn Jenner: Kylie Jenner's a 'wonderful mum'. Why does The Queen wear 5 poppies? OK then. And it starts as a virtual romance, so online or via a forum or just saucy messages. A real, true romance is on the cards here.

Whatever happens here longer term, the sex will remain in the Top 5 of all time! A Leo! This person is a seasoned, wise campaigner, with much to share. Over this summer, something in your life will change significantly. The relationship has lasting potential, but the most important thing it provides right now is inspiration, confidence and a trigger for personal growth. A younger Fire sign Leo, Aries, Sagittarius will sweep into your world with a crash, bang, wallop!

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They are potentially a student in some respect, or on a steep learning curve in their professional life. You meet, bizarrely, at some kind of competitive event… it might be an actual sports match, or maybe a show or open mic night, or a professional awards ceremony. Check your calendar this summer for opportunities matching this brief!

Show up looking glam Fire signs are drawn to bada bing. You certainly can live together, making a beautiful home, and a comfortable, happy lifestyle. Better schedule some more homebody time!

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Scorpio 12222 Horoscope

You can forgive me be a little bit intense sometimes, Scorpio, and jealousy can be an issue for you. It DOES rear its head here, early on, because your chemistry is so strong. Now, if you can overcome that and find a balance, and give each other space and freedom… then a long-term love is possible.

A new romance, or a major rekindling of a current one, is down for you this summertime. A fellow Earth sign Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus with bags of ambition and ideas for their and maybe your… future. They are working towards something big, and you immediately admire that. You share some sort of connection, at any rate, and when you discover it, you both revel in revisiting those nostalgic activities, places and pastimes. This relationship is filled with fun, affection and play. This focus on learning more, doing more, and seeing more is what Sagittarius is all about.

Larger-than-life Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion.

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In Roman mythology, Jupiter was the king of the gods, the biggest and the best. As the 9th sign in the zodiac, Sagittarius rules over the 9th House of Expansion. This house reveals how open our minds are, and how much we expand ourselves through education, exploration, and life lessons. The zodiac sign Sagittarius is a Fire sign that lights up our lives with profound questions and exciting ideas. Just like an uncontrollable wildfire, this sign will happily go where the wind takes them to seek new experiences.

Sagittarius uses its Fire energy on its lifelong journey of exploration, always ready to jump at the next adventure. Rich and luscious purple is the color of Sagittarius!

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As the last sign of autumn, Sagittarius helps us celebrate one last hoorah as fall comes to a close and the season of hibernation begins. Sagittarius, with a love for variety and change, uses its Mutable energy to shake the fiery radiance off the leaves and allow them to fall. As winter approaches, this Fire sign keeps us going by fueling our desire for adventure and fun, and helps us remain optimistic that light and warmth will return again.