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If you have no current sexual relationships, this period could bring you one that is quite intense but not necessarily smooth. You may become quite obsessed by a particular other person. This influence could be described as love's power, with the emphasis on "power. You will either be entirely involved or not at all.

Under this influence you see love not as part of everyday life, but as an experience that can transcend that reality and transform your life completely. Obviously this is a very tall order to fill, but you may very well succeed now. However, the drives that bring about a relationship under this influence are compulsive and not very rational. Unconscious patterns may play a much larger role in who you choose than your sense of what you need in a partner. If you are not careful you may fall for someone who is extremely difficult to get along with, which is precisely why you are attracted to that person.

You almost seem to need the experience of a struggle in a relationship at this time. But you may end up in a situation in which you can't live with your partner and can't live without him. Fascination with someone who is not very good for you is a great danger with this influence. However, this effect is not inevitable by any means. A perfectly decent relationship is possible under this influence. The problem is that mainly you are looking for an intense experience, not necessarily a good one.

If it happens to be good, it will also be intense, so this influence can signify a very important relationship in your life. Existing relationships will also be intensified by this influence because your needs are heightened, and you require gratification more urgently.

Pluto Transits

An existing relationship that cannot satisfy your needs may not survive. Certainly the basis of your relationships will change considerably during this time. Once you put in your birth info you should be able to see what house pluto is transiting. I've noticed some changes in me lately which allows me to be more tolerant and patient when it comes to a potential mate.

Any relief for you in that sense as well? But I have come to define more clearly what I can and cannot tolerate in relationships. Ive cut ties with people who I felt were creating more hindrance than happiness in my life Im hoping because Venus is in Sagittarius it wont be as bad.

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Im still concerned with manipulation and deception in my relationships though. My relationship values have changed and probably will continue to change. I'm concerned But at the same time I have faith that all these astrological lessons follow a plan of some sort, and that I'll learn what I need to learn in time for the next lesson.

Regardless of what other people think, you're going to have to put your guard down at some point with all that Scorpio influence Yeah that's whats got me stoked.

Pluto Transiting the House It Rules - Lindaland

Yeah, I saw that. So you're own strong episodes are most criticized by you yourself. But wouldn't mind more optimistic energies like Sag. Someone once told me that in my Progressed Chart, I've become more Sag. Hopefully that will stick. I have capricorn in part of my first house and half of my 2nd house.

I also have jupiter, uranus right next to my pluto at the end of my 9th and into the 10th. By: cathie on May 18, at am.

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HI, Cathie, Welcome to Skywriter. As a general rule, whenever a planet that connected with the career houses natally 2, 6, 10 and the Midheaven , then a transit by or to that planet in another of the career houses becomes very significant in terms of further career developments. By: Donna Cunningham on May 18, at am. Omg I totally agree with Capricorn being the phoenix that rises from the ashes when pluto comes about.

My financial aid was screwed up with my school. I had to move home. There were no jobs.

Pluto Transits to the 2nd or 8th —Money Issues Get Murky

I defaulted on my loans. I accidentally over drawn my account before I left and they kept charging over draft fees until I owed almost dollars. I became a certified hypnotist and started my own company. Pluto is no longer conjunct neptune in december, which by my calculations should mean I should be resting at by time pluto is done.

LOL that alone will make me happy. By: Kendra on May 23, at am. Rod Chase, my mentor in my early days in astrology used to say that Capricorns were the comeback kings. They can get kicked all the way back down that mountain and climb all the way back up. By: Donna Cunningham on May 23, at am. I have 19 degrees Sag on the 2nd house cusp and this house ends at 20 degrees Cap. So as Pluto transits almost halfway through the 2nd, I can report having had income problems due to a couple of relocations. My natal Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in the late 9th. I hope the Cap legacy of slow, but steady growth will occur as I approach retirement.

By: Donna Cunningham on July 1, at pm. Since early , my life has been a series of personal and professional disasters. I am currently without a job, any source of revenue other than I am renting out parts of my house; my professional life is in tatters; AND I have discovered I am a poet; I am writing like crazy; all sorts of mystical experiences that I can make sense of as a scientist natal Sun trine Neptune 12th house ; I have some pretty exciting hypotheses with regard to consciousness evolution etc. Friends are pretty well gone; husband is divorcing me; very lonely time but very profound time.

Definitely learning to trust inner guidance and resources.

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  5. Very scary at times at a practical level not so much for myself but I have a young child adopted 3 years ago, judith. Very rough times, Judith. But it sounds like the extremes of Pluto. I hope it all works to the good eventually. By: Donna Cunningham on July 8, at pm. Hello again, I just added up my Pluto points — Earlier today, I was feeling particularly lost and overwhelmed.

    That inner guidance led me to check my transits—today is an exact tr. Oh, also, that description of the naive early Venus person—that one stung a bit. And me a psychotherapist!! I was once told by a supervisor that I was the most naive grownup he had ever met.

    No, correction, an EX-psychotherapist! I Have saturn and neptune conjunct 6 degrees in capricorn in the 8th, with neptune conjunct the 8th house cusp. Uranus is conjunct neptune but is more in the 7th house. Ever since I was 16 I was involved in the occult and only just recently have I come to the conclusion that I need to control my life through the will of my mind. All my life I have not been in control, I felt powerless and the occult is how I get control.

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    So yeah, saturn conjunct neptune in the 8th has a huge impact on me. I have checked Solar Returns and progressions for when pluto transits over neptune and saturn. When pluto hits neptune it will also be conjunct the 8th house cusp. Not only that, in the same year the effect of pluto conjunct neptune will be intensified. Also saturn is exactly conjunct the SR MC in scorpio.

    Pluto Transits Ascendant

    So yeah I think that will be a hard time… Pluto will be trining mercury which is my chart ruler gemini ASC , while it is conjunct neptune. I guess that should help me in that hard time. Are you ready for the big shabaang? When my first saturn return is imminent in the 8th in capricorn, pluto will also be conjuncting saturn. Also at the same time, the progressed sun will happily square saturn in the 8th. So I will have 3 major aspects at the same time e. Lol I guess that keeps me from dying haha. Well, i am a rather typical strong Plutotian type, many planets in Scorpio, sun , mercury, Neptune Ascendant.

    My natal pluto sits 24 Virgo in 10th house, and i am currently facing pluto transits my 2nd house it is very big , sag 28degree on cusp ends aqu 5 degree. My exhusband is also unemployed , who had a house debt that we cant pay , so i must proceed to rent this house and move with my sister and mom. A really painful period, with a lot of drastic changes as i am scorpio nature and i like to be alone , and not be supervised by anyone.