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On the other hand, the supermassive black hole at the SGC represents a profound healing energy.

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This is soul mating. The Super-Galactic Center maintains the greatest implication of soul retrieval of any point in the Universe. It demands that you get back in there and deal with yourself in an essential manner. It is essential that you do so.

Galactic Center Astrology

It is also unavoidable. It will happen.

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The only question is when? Since the Super Galactic Centre is a major celestial phenomenon, I give it a larger orb than in the case of the fixed stars 5 because I have repeatedly seen it work.

In November, it was conjunct Vesta, Tantalus eternal punishment , Agamemnon masculine pride , Ariadne bliss , Memoria remembrance , and Ceres. And in December, Mars joins it on the 7 th to give the conjunction a kick full of energy and determination.

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For about a week, you can truly achieve soul retrieval and soul healing, especially if you are determined to do it and if you find the necessary helpers. It is also important to note that another slow orbiting centaur, Logos creation through words and ideas , is also very close by. It has been transiting the final degrees of Virgo all year, but never actually reaching Libra, and it will be doing the same in , finally entering Libra on October Once it does, the compulsion to achieve soul retrieval will become very conscious and pronounced.

I will continue to watch the transits to the SGC-Makemake alignment and will keep you posted how the patterns shift, but it is important to remember that the portal will be staying open until the end of Asteroids have a year orbit in general, so they will remain within orb for about a week. In the case of Centaurs, their orbital periods depend on their position. Those in the Inner Kuiper Belt are faster typically between 24 to years while those in the Outer Kuiper Belt are much slower years.

At the time of the ingress in , there were celestial objects at the other three cardinal points as well, which may help identify the nature of the shift:. Forgot your username? Create an account. Makemake Aligned with the SGC The alignment of Makemake with the SGC produces a once in a lifetime opportunity to do deep level soul-work because these two celestial bodies are very much related in themes.

Notes: See: www. Modern western karmic astrology has no links to traditional Vedic astrology. Its greatest practitioner is Judy Hall, whose books and lectures give a clear picture of how karma is understood to be the residue accumulated throughout the incarnations. See her numerous books and seminars. Fixed stars are not on the Ecliptic, therefore all other aspects are out of the question. The house placement of the black hole may reveal an area of life where you could use some transformation.

Tali talks about this in the video above. Not sure what that means? Watch our video on how to interpret your chart! If Virgo A or any black hole happens to be placed within three degrees of these planets, you may feel an extra charge as you work through your subconscious blocks. Or, for you advanced astrogeeks out there, is aspected to it in a trine, square, etc.

If this planet is conjunct or aspected to a black hole, this may be a struggle and a mission in life: Sun : Figuring out your sense of self or purpose in the world without outside validation. Mercury : Communicating effectively so as not to leave people feeling manipulated or pressured. Venus : Addictive romances, using seductive powers in a healthy way. Mars : Navigating conflict without starting battles; finding healthy outlets for aggression.

Jupiter : Gambling addictions, struggles with staying in one place but starting fires and not putting them out. Saturn : Feeling overly burdened by responsibility; an addiction to power and control. Uranus : Experimenting with danger, figuring out how to live on the edge without being destructive. Neptune : Struggle to set boundaries; martyr complex.

Pluto : Seeing life as a constant power struggle, attracting people with major secrets and skeletons in their closets. It does feel like quite a turning point for humanity. You are not alone Maribel.

Birthing the New Reality – Saturn at Galactic Centre | Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency

That prison can feel like the loneliest place, but when the bars finally fall you will also see it as a womb — the place where your strength grew — quiet, gentle, and built the foundations which will never leave you, even in the darkest nights. Its a weird feeling, but too hard to ignore. I started to think I was getting crazy and paranoid, maybe just trying to run away from everyday life and reality, but I know deep down there is something behind all this and if you lo ok the big picture, evetything is related.

Big crisis in the economical and political system that wont sustain itself for much longer. A lot of theories from different sources talking about planetary ascension, awakenings. A lot of very depressed people. I was born on oct , Saturn exact conjuntion Uranus and galactic center. They are in my 8th house rulling my Aquarius 10th house and Capricorn 9th house.

I was always drawn to the big misteries and since very young I thought my mission and path would be somewhat related to this. Maybe Im crazy, but…. Thanks so much for writing this article — super helpful! Had no idea there was a black hole on my sun but it sure makes sense, haha! Very curious what this next year will bring, with Saturn joining in the fun — yippee! I was born December 20th at 10 in the morning. My sun falls right on the galactic center. What do you suppose this means for me. Your email address will not be published.

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Saturn at the Galactic Centre Saturn at the Galactic Centre during makes the times we are living so very interesting. What an amazing image — Saturn at the Galactic Centre! Looking at other planets traversing the zodiac at the Galactic Centre were : Pluto in , — when major shifts on the planet took place, with the GFC, the attention to the global Banking systems, and the birth of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin In the first Zeitgeist Movie was released, and blew many a mind in what really was behind the banking system in the USA and around the globe.

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